Nothing makes me happier than when I'm taking pictures of people or animals.  I love everything about photography; the hunt for the perfect shot, the technical aspect of getting the settings just right, all the editing and post-processing to make everything perfect, and of course being able to provide memories, frozen in time, for all my clients!  I have learned everything I know about photography and editing through lots of different avenues: local classes, books, websites, instructional DVD’s, tutorials, friends and colleagues, and LOTS of practice over the years!  

My Photography Style/Philosophy: 

I use only natural and/or available light for my photography.  I offer the traditional staged and more formal portraits, but also artistic, fun or candid photos... whatever it is my client desires!  I use a digital, full frame camera with professional grade lenses and editing software to provide my clients with photographs they are proud to display and share with friends & family.  

Some Fun Facts:

1) I married a super handsome US Marine Corps combat veteran, my best friend.

2) I drink my coffee black.  

3) Nobody I know has ever beaten my Tetris score.

4) I dislike spiders, but I like bugs.  

5) I collect miniature things.

6) Next place I want to travel is Iceland.

7) A few of my favorite things: bonfires, banana flavored taffy, thunderstorms

8) If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, I'd choose avocados. 

9) The smell of mint leaves takes me back to happy childhood memories.  

10) I don't like even numbers.

11) I like odd numbers.