1) Back Up Your Files!

Take this advice from somebody who has learned the hard way (losing any & all evidence of an awesome Honeymoon adventure in the Colorado mountains)… Whether you use a hard drive, thumb drive, SD card, etc., I strongly recommend backing up your files as soon as you receive your digital album!  After 6 months, I cannot guarantee your images will still be in my files.

2) Where to Print:

All prints ordered through Crystal Zull Photography will come from a top notch professional printing lab that provides excellent quality products.  Their Lustre coating protects against fingerprints and UV exposure, and provides the perfect finish without the added glare of glossy.  I work hard to provide you with the highest quality, cropped, colored and edited photos that I believe will print best.  I cannot be held responsible for any printing errors or the quality of the print products not ordered through Crystal Zull Photography.  You cannot expect similar quality results with printing from Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Snapfish, Shutterfly etc.

If you choose to print independently with your digital files, please consider:

  • I have a few online photo printing sites that I can recommend, that will provide high quality photos.
  • Understand that colors can be different with different printing vendors.
  • Do NOT choose the “Auto-Color Correct” option, as I have already taken care of that for you in the editing process
  • I would also recommend a Lustre coating if they provide one.  It will give your photos UV protection so your photos will last longer.
  • Images may not be altered or edited in any way by the client (Cropping for purposes of resizing for printing is perfectly acceptable).

3) Printing Size & Cropping:

Please take note that ALL photos you download will be at a ratio of 2×3 (which is a 4″x6″ size photo).  If you would like to print 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, or larger, please keep in mind that the ratios will be different and therefore some of the original photo will be cropped away.  You can easily order prints through your password protected online gallery, which offers an easy process to crop & display exactly as you wish.

4) For Social Media and Internet Sharing:

If you share your photos on social media sites, I simply ask you to link back to my website or Facebook page (in accordance with the copyright) to give me credit for my work.  Since my business is primarily word-of-mouth, this is highly appreciated. 

Images may not be altered or edited in any way by the client (Cropping for purposes of resizing for printing is perfectly acceptable). 

5) Permission To Print:

Although you will receive written permission to print, Crystal Zull Photography retains the copyright to all images per USC title 17 (US copyright law).  Your permission to print is for personal use only, and does not apply to any Crystal Zull Photography images for commercial or editorial purposes, or entering any Crystal Zull Photography images into competition without the express written permission of Crystal Zull Photography. 

6) Copyright & Licensing Agreement:

The images that are being provided to you are licensed to you for any reasonable personal purposes, including but not limited to: printing, copying, emailing, and web publishing. Your license does not include use that results in financial gain, including but not limited to: advertising, stock photography, print sale profits, or resale of any nature.  Your purchase of the original files releases Crystal Zull Photography from any liability due to loss or damage of the images, and also releases Crystal Zull Photography from any obligation to maintain copies of any digital file, image, or photograph. You hereby grant to Crystal Zull Photography the right to use and publish images and photographs taken at your photography session to further promote its service, including portfolio, web site, display, advertisement, and editorial use.  Crystal Zull Photography agrees to limit the use of these images and photographs to promotional use only.  Crystal Zull Photography may revoke this license at any time and for any reason.  Crystal Zull Photography retains all copyrights to the images and derivative works thereof.  By using any of these images, you are agreeing to the above terms.