• You can schedule a session any time of the year.
  • I generally schedule sessions a couple hours after sunrise or a couple hours before sunset, which provides the best lighting for outdoor sessions. 
  • Please try to be on time or a few minutes early so we can make the most of our session.


  • Any outdoor location within Jefferson County (such as Evergreen Lake, a local park, downtown)
  • If you can’t decide on a location, I can give some recommendations.
  • Pick a place that makes you happy!

What to Wear:

It’s your session & you can wear whatever you like!  Wear what’s you!  Wear what you feel good in!   If that doesn’t help, here are some tips that might:

  • For 2 or more people: The best is to coordinate outfits, but not match outfits.  For instance, everyone could wear: Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter colors, or Jewel tones/Pastels/Primary colors.
  • Also, you do not need to coordinate style, but it looks best if everybody is coordinated in “dress code”.  For instance, if you choose casual, semi-dressy, or formal… everybody should be in the same code.
  • Solid colors photograph better than clothes with patterns, stripes or words.
  • White and other light colors have a tendency to catch the eye more than the person’s face.
  • Choose clothes that fit well and aren’t too loose — they will be more flattering to your figure. 
  • Darker colors also tend to be more slimming than lighter ones.
  • If you plan on displaying the photos on the wall, consider choosing clothing colors that will work with your home décor.
  • Be comfortable!  And especially make sure your kids are comfortable!

To Bring:

  • Snacks or bribes for children… usually works great!
  • Any props you would like in your photographs (blanket, football, funky hat, family heirloom, etc.)

To Know:

  • We will work with different groupings and poses to give you a full range of choice.
  • If you come prepared with things that you would like to have captured then be sure to tell me.
  • And please always feel free to speak up and express yourself throughout the process.


FOR MORE SPECIFIC INFO on Maternity, Newborn, Kids & Family Sessions:

Maternity Sessions:

  • The best time to schedule a maternity session would be around 36 weeks, when you’re entering your last month.  Your belly will be big and beautiful, but also not too close to the due date when it gets much harder to get around, or the possibility of an early arrival.
  • Be as comfortable as possible!  It translates well through the lens.
  • I also recommend wearing something more on the form-fitting side – a dress, or a long skirt with a fitted tank, and statement necklace/scarf for example.
  • A solid color covering your belly works great, as patterns and/or logos can take away from the “bump”.
  • If other family members will be involved, try to coordinate.
  • You can let me know what poses or essence of the photos you are looking for.  If you want romantic, cute and silly, neat perspectives, silhouettes, or some bare belly shots, etc.… I look forward to creating some neat photos with you!

Newborn Sessions:

  • The best time for a newborn photo session is between day 3 and 7.  After day 7, newborns learn they can stretch out more and are not as easily posed in those cute positions.   However, I offer newborn photos up until 4 weeks.
  • In order to guarantee a session that first week, book a session as soon as your due date is affirmative.  I will do the best I can to be as flexible as possible in case you deliver way before or after your due date.
  • Also, the best time of day for the session is late morning or mid to later afternoon when the best natural light is pouring into the windows!
  • A session can last up to 3 hours, to account for newborn behavior.
  • Newborn Session Locations (3 choices):
  1. I offer newborn sessions at my home.  If you decide to have it at my home, I will have a room set up with a nice warm and toasty space heater and sound machine to help calm your baby. 
  2. I offer newborn sessions in the comfort of your home.  If you would like to have the session in your home, please open all curtains and blinds in your home before I arrive so I can decide on the best natural light before we get started.  And please set the thermostat to 80 degrees F or simply set up a space heater.  If we’re sweating during the session, than we’re doing it right. 
  3. I also offer newborn sessions at the hospital.  If you’d like your newborn session at the hospital, make sure to add my name to the guest list.  And don’t forget to give me the hospital name, and your room and cell numbers!
  • Feed and burp your baby just before your session.
  • If you want your baby to be in cute sleepy poses, please try and do whatever it takes before the session so they are nice and exhausted when we begin.
  • Feel free to have items you would like to incorporate ready to use, such as special blankets, knitted hats, stuffed animals, family heirlooms or other special items.
  • I recommend having a change of clothing available for everyone.  And please have a long sleeve black t-shirt on hand for yourself and your spouse if possible.
  • Don’t forget the diapers and wipes!
  • It’s normal to have breaks during this session!  Whatever you and your baby need: feedings, changings, or just a cuddle… I understand that little ones work on their own schedule, not mine.
  • Also, no worries if your baby pees or poos on my stuff… this is normal.  I clean all of my items and wash all backgrounds and blankets after each session.
  • Clothing for babies should be kept super simple – less is definitely best.  Most newborn portraits are done naked or swaddled.
  • Please dress you baby in something loose before the session, to make sure there won’t be any pattern marks on their skin when we begin the session.

Kid/Family Sessions:

  • Please never tell a child to smile (or say “cheese”).  Those smiles are always stiff and usually not the smile you’ll want to remember.  Instead, there are a few tricks to keep in mind:
  • Make sure your children are well rested.
  • Tell the kids they’re going to get to have fun and be themselves.
  • Parents: RELAX and have fun!  Once the kids can see you are acting naturally yourself, they will usually loosen up and follow suit.
  • Consider using bribes (candy, etc.) to get them excited about involvement.
  • I’ll ask you to interact a lot, such as playing patty cake, who can jump the highest, follow the leader, airplane, etc.  This helps create natural expressions.
  • I’ll also ask your kids lots of questions, like: what they want to be when they grow up, if they know any funny jokes, etc.
  • I’ll typically shoot some more traditional posed photos first, then when we start to lose the kids’ attention & cooperation, we’ll move into the more candid shots.
  • Please let me know if you like more traditional photography or more candid photography.  Essentially, do you normally like when everyone is looking at the camera and smiling for most of your family images?  Or do you like action shots, thoughtful moments, or special connections captured?   If you don’t specify, I’ll simply do a combination of traditional and candid.  There should be plenty to choose from!